JMMTV Production Syllabus
Welcome to James Martin Middle School’s TV Productions class. My name is Ms. Casimir and I will be your teacher for the 2011-12 school year.
The TV Productions class is designed for students to learn how to make video programs through hands-on video projects and classroom instruction. Students will explore the basics of video production and the stages of production, including writing, videotaping, and editing. As a final product, students will produce their own video projects.

Grading Policy
Grades/Rubric is based on a point system and will be broken into the following categories:

Subject is: 10 points
Relevant to middle school audience. is interesting. is educational. Provides insight into person or topic.
Storyboard/Scriptwriting is: 40 points
Complete. Has detailed description of scene (what you say/do). Special effects, sound, music, etc.
Content: 20 points
Images and/ or graphics relate well to content. Student(s) demonstrate thoughtful approach to subject.
Language is used properly and effectively.

Technical/Design: 20 points
Camera is stable, smooth movements and pans. Sound is clear and understandable. Titles are used effectively.
Transitions are used effectively. Video is edited effectively, flows well.
Time management 10 points
Assignment is tuned in on time.

Late & Make-up Work
Late assignments will be accepted up to two days after the due date with a reduction in grade of 10% for each day the assignment is late. After that, the grade will be reduced to a 50% when turned in. If absent, upon return from absenteeism, the student will have the same number of days to turn in any assignments before the late policy takes effect.

Student Accountability
Due to the lack of equipment, students are paired and must share flip cameras to complete assignments.

Equipment Rules
  • Maintain proper care of equipment at all times.
  • No food, drink, or gum around equipment.
  • No horseplay with or around equipment.
  • Equipment that is checked out must be returned at the time it is due.
  • Report any damage to equipment or malfunction immediately.
Classroom Rules
  • Be responsible for doing your work, behaving in a proper manner, and taking care of all equipment.
  • Be respectful to all others, especially regarding class work an projects.
  • Be prepared and ready for assignment.
  • Be in class on time.
The step plan for discipline is as follows: 1) friendly verbal reminder; 2) a phone call home to parent or a letter home, email; 4) ASD/detention with parent contact.

This syllabus is subject to change, and students will be notified if any changes take place.